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The Story

In unserem Resort suchen wir zur Erweiterung unseres Teams einen / eine

Fachfrau / Fachmann Hauswirtschaft


Originated from a personal dream and the desire for a very special place with an endless view of the Atlantic Ocean emerged an exotic garden with all its beauty and vastness situated in one of the most beautiful regions in Tenerife. Whilst building the first villa, we realised that we would like to share this extraordinary place with other people and make it a relaxation and inspiration haven. Since then, our primary concern has been to offer exquisite apartments and villas that provide our guests with the opportunity to have a private and unique experience on the Canary Islands.

The resort is managed by us, the owners. This is one of the reasons why we value personal treatment of our guests and their well-being so highly and why we like to give each apartment a personal layout and design. Our goal is to continuously develop and improve in order to enable heavenly relaxation and peace for our guests.


Our comfortable villas and apartments have been designed to capture the nature of the Canary Islands. We use only natural building materials and volcanic rock from Tenerife. Our exotic garden features a variety of local plants. Modern heat pumps and solar panels are used for the heating and cooling of our amenities, as well as for the regeneration of fresh water.

Our definition of sustainability of our model resort includes a qualitative regeneration effect for our guests. Our vast breakfast buffet features home grown, seasonal fruit, ranging from freshly picked bananas, papayas and mangos to avocados and even passion fruit.

Contrary to the Spanish human resource guidelines for the hotel industry, our employees have permanent contracts. Almost all revenue is reinvested into the development of the resort.


Our vision is to extend our amenities and presence in the European market by offering exclusive conferences, by promoting exclusive events, by enabling weddings and other family festivities.


Our name, Jardin de la Paz, means Garden of Peace. We promote maximum peacefulness and relaxation at one of the finest places in Tenerife, through our high quality ambience and attentive service. We offer high-end vacations with a great standard of privacy, incomparable beauty and harmony in midst of nature.

Business culture

To fulfil our mission and vision, we pursue the following values and goals:

Our guests' needs are our utmost priority

The interaction with our guests is very important to us. Our goal is to invite visitors into our beautiful garden and to help them let go of the daily hustle. Positively surprising our guests with personalised services and attentiveness is the priority of our employees.

Exclusive Interior

All studios, suites and villas are surrounded by an exotic garden filled with palm trees, hibiscus and bougainvillea and offer stunning panoramic views of the ocean and coastline. Each one of our units is individually designed with matching colour patterns and details. Greek granite, French lamps and Italian vases as well as mirrors and other little details top off our unique and personal design.

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